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新橙官网下载:Encourage innovation -the Maker’s Carnival in RDFZ

人大附中 Journalist:Menghan Xiao
  RDFZ/BY MENGHAN XIAO--A festival for student makers kicked off in RDFZ on Nov.29, attracting a large number of teenagers with innovative talent to demonstrate their capability of turning ideas into reality. 
The two-day event, themed with “Materialize Creativity and Share Happiness” was held in the school gymnasium, with 150 booths to present innovative products made by preliminary, junior and senior high school students. Among various hand-made products that are filled with teenagers' talent in creation, a robot which looked like Disney's Big Hero 6 star Baymax had drawn visitors' attention. Its makers installed infrared sensor on an air blower inside, enabling the "Baymax" to wake up when there was someone standing within the sensing area.   

Other products relating to many aspects of people's daily life were also displayed, including new-type walking stick specialized for blind people, automatically fixed cup sleeve, model of self-driving car and intelligent pesticide spraying system .
"The cultivation of innovative and inventive talents is an important part of the “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation”. Education focusing on innovation in primary and secondary school students will lay the foundation for their innovation and invention spirit," Zhai Xiaoning, the principal of RDFZ, spoke during the carnival. The event aimed at inspiring students to show creativity and enhancing their skills of conducting hands-on work as well as through teamwork, Zhai said, adding that he hoped that young students will bring new energy in the transformation from made-in-China to innovated-in-China in the future. 

Mitch Altman, the well-known innovative maker and inventor, also participated in the event.
"Maker culture is just taking off in China now. So when I came 5 years ago,(I ‘ve been 12 times by then) but when I came 5 years ago, there were no spaces like this where people doing cool things.But now China got plenty of that," Altman said.

 Jiang Lei, an academic at the Chinese Academy of Sciences,and Yu Huarong, vice secretary-general of the China Association of Inventions, also attended the event with other guests.


Liu Pengzhi,a counselor of the State Council, principal of the High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China also attended the event and talked with students happily.



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