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BV伟德下载 客户端:Illustration 25 Multicultural Festival launches with donated money for migrant children

人大附中   RDFZ Multicultural Festival, an annual gathering since its launch seven years ago, was held in the central garden of the Beijing-based renowned school. The two-day event, running from May11 -12, 2015, welcomed participants with long banners over the four entries of the garden, which read “Welcome to RDFZ Multicultural Festival ” .


  RDFZ international students, from more than 20 countries and regions, study and live happily together with their Chinese peers and teachers, shouldering a shared responsibility of forming and spreading campus culture.

  The active participation is very helpful as they try to improve their capabilities of cooperation and communication, apart from promoting mutual exchanges and understanding among foreign students. All the activities of the annual event are dedicated to offering a grand platform where international students have the chance to showcase their indigenous cultures and their personal talents. And at the same time, they provide opportunities for Chinese teenagers to learn and experience the exotic cultures and fit in.

  Day one centered on a grand parade and art performances with distinct indigenous features. First came the parade, consisting of international participants, all dressed up in their traditional clothing. They made a circle of the center garden to lively music, waving their national flags and chanting resounding slogans. The presence of multicultural elements of Korea, Canada and the U.S.A, among others, gained the attention of a large audience of teachers, students and their parents. The enthusiastic viewers shot pictures to record the exciting moment.  


  The garden tour is followed by art performances. Elegant dances go well with traditional clothing, providing us with a chance of being in touch with multiculturalism.


  The exaggerated actions on stage result from hard efforts. To present the best show ever, they spent a lot of time practicing.


  A girl sings a song with Southeast Asian style, gaining the attention of many viewers.


  The traditional performance from Korea thrills the Korean drama fans on the spot.


  Teachers do their best to present their unique skills.


  Youth finds expression in vibrant and passionate dances. It is about hard work and sweating, instead of caring about applauses from the audience.


  A semichorus Soft Breeze brings the atmosphere to a height.


  Students absent from the event sort of get involved in another way.


  Students wear confident expressions. The Multicultural Festival is conducive to enhancing their sense of self identity.


  A group photo is taken as a reminiscence of the days when they worked together.


  Another highlight of the annual feast is the culture show the following day, during which exhibition booths were set up for the purpose of introducing the cultures of their respective native countries. Most popular among the activities are traditional and interactive games, experiencing musical instruments and taking pictures of participants in traditional clothing.

  Just as an old saying goes, "Food is the first thing for people”, the viewers simply surround the tables where tasty dishes are served.


  Delicacies for the eyes are an attraction of the festival. Wonderful dishes pleasing to the eye are lined up for customers to have a try.


  Each exhibition table, crowded with students, amazingly surprises them with popular dishes, games and prizes.


  Wonderful smell of delicacies permeates the whole central garden. Chocolate sauce coupled with fried chicken wows the festival goers.


  Do it yourself to be well-fed.


  On top of ready-made delicious foods, the presence of semi-finished ones adds to the fun of interaction.


  Works of handicraft from Brazil have an exotic touch.


  Children have a wonderful time here. Their smiling faces are an indicator of their recognition of the annual feast.


  Besides delicious foods, fun games are so thrilling that they attract a lot of students to participate, especially those they played when they were little kids.


  A little girl in traditional Japanese kimono catches the eye at the gathering. Photo shows a boy posing for a picture with the dressed-up girl.


  Vigorous support and hard work from teachers and parents serve as a guarantee for the success of the annual event.


  Delicacies are gobbled up by customers in no time.


  Students call it “bank”, where the participants can use their allowances to get coupons so that they can taste delicacies or take part in interaction games. Sale of work organized by the festival has been in place for years, through which all money gathered during the festival would be donated to schools for migrant workers so that those needy students might get help.


  The coupon cards will be used repeatedly in the hope of conveying and enhancing students’ awareness of environmental protection.


  A girl checks the coupons to know how much money has been collected for donation.


  The 7th RDFZ Multicultural Festival came to a successful end in the midst of interactive fun games, impressing us with unusual feelings different from previous ones.  Principal Liu Pengzhi of RDFZ United Schools often says, “World-class education should be geared towards the future and world, and a world-class school should be an international one where youngsters from far and near communicate and cooperate through mutual learning and understanding.”

  Ever since 2010, public service activities have been added to the Multicultural Festival, through which money is raised for the purpose of  purchasing books, textbooks and other teaching facilities for schools of migrant workers in Beijing. This small step students are taking to go out to get to know the society and repay it, is actually a great step marking a shift of their focus from themselves to the society at large.


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