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人大附中 The Voice of Grade for junior two, a musical extravaganza, was put on stage at the Multifunction Building of RDFZ with participation of student representatives from the 14 classes of the grade. The songs and dances presented on March 4, 2013 showed the beauty, vitality and vigor of the youngsters.

The Voice of Grade for junior two is widely remembered as an another audio-visual feast following High School Musical--- Large-Scale English Songs Show and Warm Hearts Through the Lens----a DV Competition . The spectacular event, organized by the students’ union of the grade and designed and performed all by the students themselves, serves as another platform for the display of students’ talents as well as their ability to organize, showcasing once again the campus culture of “respecting individuality, discovering potential” of the Beijing’s top-ranked high school.

Performers sing with vibrant voice.

A girl performs with all her soul.

Cheers for our star from  some live audience members. 

An audience member takes a photo to record the moment.

A delighted teacher.

A foreign teacher watches the show.

A group photo of the event organizers and hosts

(Source: RDFZ Junior Two       Editor: Du Xiang)

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