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千禧正式官网:High school graduation ceremony: RDFZ ICC

人大附中 A ceremony to mark the 2013 high school graduation for RDFZ International Curriculum Center was held in the lecture hall of RDFZ Multi-function Building recently.

The grand occasion started with Road of Youth, a short film shot by students themselves, which was followed by wonderful speeches from foreign principal Mr. James and the center director Mrs. Wang Shuyan.

Mr. James told the audience that “It is actually impossible to avoid the widespread influence of RDFZ”. He then went on to explain. He said he was once on a vacation to a remote and beautiful island of Spain with his family, in the hope of enjoying a good time totally having nothing to do with RDFZ.  He was lying at the beach bathing in the sun when he heard someone calling his name! He turned and was taken by surprise ---It was a student of RDFZ who was saying hello to him. He was “upset” for not being able to escape RDFZ even he had been 1,000 kilometres away. Mr. James’ story and his humor drew warm applause from the audience. He also said that one’s Alma Mater is always in the depths of his heart, wherever he goes, and RDFZ is such an Alma Mater that graduates will forever miss and yearn for.

ICC director Mrs. Wang Shuyan gave an inspiring speech. “A person with vision is more likely to distinguish himself among others and consequently obtain more opportunities, and thus will succeed in the face of fierce competition,” she said. She encouraged graduates to cultivate goodness, seek after the good and do good deeds. Then the emotional director elaborated on the quality of goodness, which is, in her opinion, more like a tree having its root in the depths of one’s heart. Goodness, be it giving the thirsty a cup of water, offering consoling words for a gloomy friend, or bringing somebody to his feet, will eventually generate endless happiness despite of their being tiny or slight. Besides the quality of goodness, Mrs. Wang urged the graduates to learn to show appreciation and gratitude to others and remember forever they are Chinese wherever they are and that they are good messengers for cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world. At the end of her speech, she sincerely hoped that the children will live in earnest and keep their youthful aspirations alive.  Her uplifting remarks warmed the graduates greatly. 

There were also a number of performances staged by the students themselves, either recalling in deep emotions their high school days, or singing praises of their sincere friendship. The performances also featured good wishes from senior two students and thank- you speeches by some parents, with highlights of many hugs and tears between teachers and students.

(Source:RDFZ ICC)

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